Nintendo not only unveiled the expected Animal Crossing Game for Nintendo Wii, but also a special microphone device called ‘WiiSpeak’ that allows people to communicate with others across the world via games that make use of the new service.  Finally the more details have been explained by Nintendo.

But the serious issue with certain people think is that the background noise can interfere with the transmission. Surely when people are trying to talk to others through WiiSpeak there would be a massive problem with the loud noises emitting from games themselves blocking out the actual voices of gamers. However, Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi, the Producer of the Animal Crossing: City Folk project itself, says that this is something Nintendo has already considered and will not pose any problem for gamers at all.

This is what Katsuya Eguchi had to say: “There’s some noise filtering going on. It’s designed to pick up stuff other than what’s coming out of the TV. If you put this on your TV, if this was a regular microphone, you’d get your TV sound going in. But this is a USB plug-in. So the sound coming out of your TV is going into the Wii Speak, and when it goes back into the Wii, it throws that sound away.

Time will reveal what is reality indeed! Till then enjoy the latest games on Nintendo Wii.