August 2008

Love your Wii but tiring of your standard control options? Looking for something that involves less arm swinging, feels a little bit more like an Xbox or PS3 experience, and loses that Classic Controller cable? Well the folks from Nyko are here for you, and they want to hold you all night long… and they brought the Wing.

What’s the Wing you ask? It’s essentially a standard gamepad on highly concentrated crack-cocaine. The wireless controller features two analog sticks and a plethora of buttons (both up front and around the back), and can run for around 30 hours on a pair of AAA batteries. No word on price or release date, but if you notice a sudden crime wave and rash of unexplained fires, the Wing is probably out.


Wii has been coming up with the surprises quite oftenly now! After the upcoming madworld violent game this time round it may be a right time for a remake of Resident Evil 2 indeed! Is Wii trying to alter it’s image to a “Violent Hardcore Gaming”. Now that’s what Nintendo Wii is all about!

Japanese fan board 2ch has popped up a rumor concerning a possible remake of Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2 – but you knew that, right?) that will be exclusive to the Wii.

If the rumor turn out to be correct then we will be definitely seeing the additional story elements in the game. There will be a new ‘swordsman’ enemy (sword waggling minigame, anyone?) and ‘Resident Evil 4 Viewpoints’, which could mean anything – possibly 3rd-person over-the-shoulder stuff?

Let’s then watch it out for.

“The demand is unprecedented due to which the stock in supply fells short” – yes this is the fact about the hottest gaming plus exercising tool namely “Nintendo Wii Fit“. Consumers continue to struggle to find a copy of Wii fit.

This is what an extract from what the Nintendo spokesperson has to say:

“Nintendo had a substantial supply nationwide for launch, though some stores saw spot shortages due to unprecedented demand for this unique product. The consumer response to ‘Wii Fit’ at launch was historically exceptional when compared with peripheral-based video game products. We are providing retailers with a constant supply of ‘Wii Fit,’ so you should see a regular supply of ‘Wii Fit’ on store shelves as we move through the summer and into the holidays.”

According to the NPD sales tracking group, “Wii Fit” sold more than 369,600 copies in the U.S. in July. I must say they were the luckiest of the lot (Nintendo wii fit seekers)

Well it feels terrible spending time in a hospital no matter we are a patient there or a loved one for that matter. Especially children and teenagers feel difficult to manage themselves as they feel mentally upset and annoyed by the silent ambience indeed!

But Nintendo Wii has really a heart for these kids as they have teamed up with Starlight to create a new version of the Fun Center. 15 years back they created the original Fun Centre Mobile for entertainment units. a flat-screen TV, video game console and DVD player, each Fun Center can be rolled right up to the side of young patient’s beds or anywhere in a hospital setting. For children who may be anticipating surgery, enduring long outpatient treatments, waiting in the emergency room, or fighting loneliness after visiting hours have ended, Fun Centers provide a welcome respite.

And with the latest innovative model you can now get a customized working model that holds a Nintendo Wii, a Sharp AQUOS LCD HDTV and a DVD player for your entertainment pleasure. Wii’s innovative control scheme is also a useful tool for encouraging children to do their physical therapy and motor coordination exercises.

What’s more Research indicates that children who engage in Fun Center programs enjoy a variety of benefits: perceived decrease in pain and anxiety; greater willingness to return for treatment; alleviation of stress, loneliness and isolation that often accompany prolonged illness or injury. Caregivers report that Fun Center use may even result in a reduced need for pain medication. Nintendo is manufacturing 1,250 new Wii Fun Centers this year, and Starlight expects to have about 500 of them placed in hospitals by the end of the year.

There is no room for doubt that Nintendo wii has been outstanding in the concept part as well as the design for that sake. But sometimes don’t you feel a little bored by that white plastic design on Wii controller, console and other parts?

Well if you do then Wii wood grain panelling concept will surely fascinate you indeed – ofcourse thanks to the designer Joe D! With a layer of veneer from the Wii-Mote to the Nunchuk to the Classic Controller and even they Nyko Perfect Shot – they all get wood. Not only that, the controllers get some bright white backlit buttons and a nice black paint job to bring out the woody goodness.

Well the photos will certainly have told you the story of Wooden Wii till now!

Enjoy the upcoming and the much-awaited Bond title namely Quantum of Solace on your Nintendo Wii. The gaming world enters another era of entertainment with this hard-hitting game delivering all the intense action and suspense you expect from the Bond franchise. Join 007 for dangerous and deadly intrigue across far-flung locations as you experience high-octane action that leaves you both shaken and stirred.

It has been unveiled that the Wii version will feature online multi player battles. The game will also offer a local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players. Strangely, the splitscreen mode is exclusive to Wii. Players can use controls designed for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or they can opt to use the Wii Zapper accessory.

This game challenges you to make use of all the Bond’s deadly skills, including punishing maneuvers, expert marksmanship, tactical skills and stealth, to overcome dangerous and deadly foes making you feel like an ultimate secret agent as they use their stealth, precision shooting and lethal combat skills to progress through Missions.

Quanum of Solace is set to release October 31. So get ready to experience all the exotic locations and glamorous characters that round out the world of 007.

Datel has always been able to surprise everyone with it’s innovations and calibre. Wii FreeLoader is the perfect example of my statement indeed! Datel freeloader for Nintendo Wii lets you play ANY region of Wii or GameCube game on your Nintendo Wii! What’s more you can import games from other territories and play them on your Wii.

Don’t videogamers feel frustrated when games reach in territories other than their own? You want to play that blockbuster survival horror which is out in Japan three months before it hits the shelves elsewhere or for that sake say soccer or F1 sim which only gets a European release indeed! Well no room for any more hesitation, as now you can play the games before they get release in your territory with Wii FreeLoader.

All you need to do is insert your FreeLoader disc and load it in the usual way. When the drive stops, eject the Nintendo Wii FreeLoader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It’s as simple as that! Wii FreeLoader also works with imported GameCube games when played on your Wii. It wont work in a GameCube console, though for that, you need Freeloader for GameCube.


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