Nintendo Wii has once again attempted to bring the exercise gaming to a diiferent level by launching yet another exercising peripheral namely Wii Sqweeze. Wii Sqweeze features rubber handles that can be pressed( Maximum range of Motion-ROM being 3 inches). This will be launched as a Wii controller and what’s interesting is that a gamer will have to calibrate the controller before using it by squeezing 50% of his/her maximum strength indeed!

The rubber handles allow for shoulder abduction and adduction. The controller can be pretty handy in certain sports and athletic games but will be useless in other genres. Atleast Wii sqweeze can be used with Olymics 2012 If not now!

According to CEO Greg Merril (InterAction Laboratories) while demonstrating the device, you plug the Wiimote into the peripheral and either squeeze or pull, allowing for both “shoulder abduction and adduction.” Unfortunately, at least in the former capacity, the prototype Wii Sqweeze appears to work too well: the demonstration was quickly halted when a hysterical Mr. Merril began running around the showroom in circles, his disembodied arms flopping wildly and salmon-like upon the convention center floor.

After the Wii fit let’s watch it out whether this will follow the trend in exergaming segment or will prove to be a mediocre and pretty average kind of a peripheral?