Well it feels terrible spending time in a hospital no matter we are a patient there or a loved one for that matter. Especially children and teenagers feel difficult to manage themselves as they feel mentally upset and annoyed by the silent ambience indeed!

But Nintendo Wii has really a heart for these kids as they have teamed up with Starlight to create a new version of the Fun Center. 15 years back they created the original Fun Centre Mobile for entertainment units. a flat-screen TV, video game console and DVD player, each Fun Center can be rolled right up to the side of young patient’s beds or anywhere in a hospital setting. For children who may be anticipating surgery, enduring long outpatient treatments, waiting in the emergency room, or fighting loneliness after visiting hours have ended, Fun Centers provide a welcome respite.

And with the latest innovative model you can now get a customized working model that holds a Nintendo Wii, a Sharp AQUOS LCD HDTV and a DVD player for your entertainment pleasure. Wii’s innovative control scheme is also a useful tool for encouraging children to do their physical therapy and motor coordination exercises.

What’s more Research indicates that children who engage in Fun Center programs enjoy a variety of benefits: perceived decrease in pain and anxiety; greater willingness to return for treatment; alleviation of stress, loneliness and isolation that often accompany prolonged illness or injury. Caregivers report that Fun Center use may even result in a reduced need for pain medication. Nintendo is manufacturing 1,250 new Wii Fun Centers this year, and Starlight expects to have about 500 of them placed in hospitals by the end of the year.