Wii has been coming up with the surprises quite oftenly now! After the upcoming madworld violent game this time round it may be a right time for a remake of Resident Evil 2 indeed! Is Wii trying to alter it’s image to a “Violent Hardcore Gaming”. Now that’s what Nintendo Wii is all about!

Japanese fan board 2ch has popped up a rumor concerning a possible remake of Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2 – but you knew that, right?) that will be exclusive to the Wii.

If the rumor turn out to be correct then we will be definitely seeing the additional story elements in the game. There will be a new ‘swordsman’ enemy (sword waggling minigame, anyone?) and ‘Resident Evil 4 Viewpoints’, which could mean anything – possibly 3rd-person over-the-shoulder stuff?

Let’s then watch it out for.