September 2008

Nintendo Wii console explore your gaming world by allowing you to enjoy some excellent titles. One such title which I think is indispensable for every game lover is Super Mario Galaxy. The developer Nintendo has come up with a masterpiece.

Millions of people around the world bought Nintendo Wii Console for the very sake of enjoying Wii Sports which comes along with it. Well but If you are not owning the Super Mario Galaxy then you are surely lacking the experience of playing probably the best Wii console game.

Infact Nintendo has been incredible in designing the game with Galaxy platformer so fun, beautiful and fresh that you literally won’t want to stop playing. Mario the supernatural character travels across the whole galaxy, spinning, jumping and floating his way between small satellites, spaceships and asteroid fields on his way to enormous worlds, all of which can be traversed with full 360-degree freedom, a platformer novelty that never fails to satisfy.

Not to forget the sizzling soundtrack effect with amazing presentation. For your kind information this is the reason why this title won’s overall Game of the Year award.


Enough of game reviews let’s see one of the most useful and sought after Nintendo Wii Accessories. For all those game players who love playing multiplayers this one is surely meant for you. To allow you to compete and challenge the gamers all around the world WiFi MAX for Nintendo Wii and DS Lite connects you to all the online game lovers and players. All you need to do is just plug in your USB WiFi dongle into your internet-enabled PC to create a Wireless Access Point, then play online enabled multiplayer games with DS and Wii gamers from all over the world. This is where WiFi MAX for Nintendo Wii and DS Lite is so very a useful wii accessory creating a wireless network for your convenience.

Truly a perfect ticketing for opening all the gates towards the gaming world full of enthusiasm and fun. What’s more if you do not have a wireless router there is no need to worry about as WiFi MAX supports up to five ‘local’ DS gamers at a time, so you and your mates can all play online at once with no loss of speed! Truly the ultimate device for internet surfing without a WiFi router!

The internet speed becomes five times faster than the normal speed as WiFi MAX operates on the Wireless G standard and if you use our USB cable and dongle stand (supplied), you can position your dongle to maximise WiFi range.

The greater part of having this Wii accessory is also that if you have other WiFi-enabled devices capable of using the internet like laptops you can take them online with WiFi MAX too.

Excellent Features

  • Internet gaming through any internet-enabled PC.
  • No cables necessary – make a wireless connection.
  • Download new content and Virtual Arcade material on your Wii.
  • Five times faster than standard WiFi.
  • Compatible with almost all Wii and NDS internet-enabled games.

Time to move on with latest Nintendo Wii Accessories. To make Wii Boxing more passionate and provide the game players a live experience, ezGear has launched a new pair of Wii Boxing Gloves.

And they have launched it in style with a hot chick in a promo photo. For all the Wii Boxing lovers such Wii accessories prove to be a boon indeed! Anyways moving on the ezGear Wii gloves will make you feel as If you are right there in the boxing arena. The gloves are made using highly constructive materials including specialized foam.

What’s more each glove has an inbuilt pocket to slip down your Wiimote and Nunchuk during play. A price of $25 today is nothing in comparison to the excitement that it adds to the Wii Boxing. So get ready to play your favourite titles in style.

Well once again a game review and this time round its de Blob Wii title. Once you hold a package you seem to have felt as If you are camouflaged as you think that you have bought a child’s title. Well it’s a perception problem but as you move deeper and deeper towards the gameplay you realize that there are multiple layers of depth, both in the gameplay and in the presentation.

De Blob is presented beautifully as it is full of brilliant animated shorts and much more that will again compel you to realize that de Blob is a lot more than its cover. Each of de Blob‘s 10 levels is a challenge in itself with multiple sections to complete and obstacles barring your path.

Each of de Blob‘s 10 levels is an expansive affair, with multiple sections to complete and obstacles barring your path. Enemies in the game follow a similar pattern, with simple and straightforward INKT foot soldiers appearing in the early levels before being followed by soldiers with inkthrowers (sort of like flamethrowers but with ink instead of fire), ink turrets, ink tanks, and the elite, colored ink soldiers. The lockon attack is a fascinating concept as you can lock-on to paint bots and level triggers as well as enemy soldiers.

The weakest point is the music as the developers chose to go with a subdued jazz soundtrack that is more or less forgettable. Overall a good game to play and enjoy for sure.


Vectorman is originally announced by SEGA and now it is finally it is available on VC. Here is a quick review on the game – the game looks terrific with a perfect use of colors and animation, its over-the-top explosions that shake the entire screen.

Vectorman in simple words is all about destruction, as the screen is always flooded with exploding enemies and ordnance. As Vectorman, you’re the one responsible for the majority of the havoc being wreaked — he’s a hero who can blast out laser pulses in any of eight directions, and can have his weapons systems upgraded to even more destructive levels through acquisition of power-up items. You can equip him with spreadguns, heat-seeking blasters and any other variation of classic Contra-style rifles you can think of.

Also Vectorman’s body is made up of floating, unattached green orbs. That’s part of the style of the game, for one thing, but it actually becomes another gameplay element as well — because the V-man’s body can be re-oriented and re-arranged into a variety of different forms, including a helicopter, a racecar and even an environment-disrupting bomb.

It isn’t a long game as it includes only 16 levels with some of those stages as very short. But the side-scrolling stages are all designed in an open-ended, explorable way that allow you to take multiple different paths to reach the end goal, and the non-side-scrolling levels — while often not lasting long — are so varied and different that you probably won’t mind how quickly you pass through them.

Its considerable level of difficulty will certainly not allow clearing the stages before you play it regularly. Also there’s a difficulty adjuster that allows you to reduce the challenge factor down to an easier level but that’s only for the lame category of people.


It’s always fun to play varied games ranging from the sports title to the mission ones with all action and stuff. Well one such beautiful combination is the three latest games for Nintendo Wii. Samba-inspired Maraca Shaking Fiesta; Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked and last but not the least the hottest Star Wars.

Starting with Samba-inspired Maraca Shaking Fiesta the game will compel you to shake with the beat of more than 40 songs. You need to shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk a bit more to compete your rocking friends. Special Modes expand gameplay with Quick Play, Classic, Battle, Survival, Hustle and Mini-games.

Moving on Lost in Blue is a must play game exploring an all together new world for you. Mysterious Island filled with lush forests, a sunken ship, ancient ruins, and an active volcano makes you feel thrilled and excited about the game. While as said earlier last but not the least is the exceptional Wii title to watch out indeed!

Your destiny depends at your own hands as the Dark Lord of the Sith himself trains you to use a lightsaber and unleash the power of the Force. Force push, grip, repulse and lightning – throughout the course of the game, and combine them for ultra-destructive, never-before-seen combos.

Enough of Wii talking lets watch it out something more interesting and the other part of Nintendo. Nintendo hasn’t come up with something unique and fresh on the DS side, has it? Except for some new colors addition there hasn’t been any other novelty added under its name.

Well Nintendo finally has something in offering as it has lined up numerous new DS bundles for the UK to go on sale in time for Christmas. The offering of a black or a white DS with a copy of Brain Training, or a red DS with a copy of Big Brain Academy will cost you somewhere around £120. While on the other hand a Pink DS console will sell for £130 with a copy of Nintendogs Labrador and Friends.

Certainly sounds very attractive deals at these prices. For all those who cannot wait till Christmas, needn’t worry as all handhelds will be packaged with casual DS games and go on sale next month.

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