Miyamoto – the “father of modern video games” as well-renowned without any doubt is the man responsible for Nintendo’s stupendous rise to power with his innovative and daring ideas. After all the outstanding video game designer has given Nintendo multiple big sellers such as Mario and Zelda. Mario in particular has a game in practically every genre in the industry. Including spin-off and sports titles, Mario and his cohorts have been the stars of more than 20 games. Zelda comes in with a comparatively modest total title tally of 13.

With the huge success of the Nintendo Wii, which has already sold 13.5 million units in North America, Nintendo has a chance to hook the new influx of casual gamers and simultaneously appease the long time fans who are pleading for more hardcore games and fewer “shovelware” titles. Shovelware being titles that are rushed in development, are of low quality and “shovelled” unceremoniously into the hands of consumers.

With no heavyweight series titles being announced at this year’s E3 (Animal Crossing notwithstanding) Nintendo executives should be praying that Miyamoto has another golden egg tucked away. This is probably the reason behind Nintendo prohibiting Miyamoto from telling the public about his ideas or even hobbies. Especially since his latest interests have resulted in the recent hits within Nintendo, most recently the huge success, Wii Fit, which was inspired by his own personal interest in fitness. Although Wii Fit has been a success, it does not have the multi-title inducing potential of some of his other ideas. Miyamoto’s previous franchises are still paying dividends; a fresh idea at this juncture could cause a deep connection with the new influx of Wii owners. If Nintendo could receive a new franchise, it could be to new gamers as Mario is to the older generation.

Source : http://news.gotgame.com/