Nintendo Wii has been in a tough fight with PSP3 and 360 for quite some time now. The recent dearth of intriguing, headline-grabbing games for the Nintendo Wii infact says it all. Some 555,000 little white boxes leapt off store shelves in July U.S. sales, according to NPD data, and Nintendo certainly did brisk top 10 software sales with Wii Play, Mario Kart, and Wii Fit.

Even then looking at the July figures 360 and PS3 snatched five spots between NCAA Football 09, Soul Calibur IV, and Civilization Revolution – all July releases.

While that speaks well of Nintendo’s ability to sell more of less, is it setting the company up for a saturation crash, when the demographic lode its cracked wide open eventually taps out?

Check out Gamestop online. The front page is a great big love letter to PC, 360, and P3 gamers. Other than the multi-platform Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, there’s not a Wii game in sight. Click on Gamestop’s Wii-specific link and it’s like falling into a vat of vanilla. Mario Super Sluggers, victim of lackluster reviews, headlines the portal. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 and Guitar Hero: World Tour is ports. The only “bestselling” portal-splashed game is currently Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity.

Well I hope Miyamoto is reading this stuff!!!