Ever since Wii fit made its way in Japan it has been selling all across the globe like hot cakes. First came Japan and then it made a tremendous buzz across the whole Europe. After all it’s a creation from a mastermind brainchild Shigeru Miyamoto truly deserving the tag: “father of video games”.

Some of the reasons that make Wii fit the best gaming console of all times is the capability of the Wii balance board to shed the extra weight of the body. Wii fitness age and graphical analysis along with BMI (Body Mass Index) makes Wii fit truly an amazing exercising and gaming tool. Now let’s move on to the amazing facts and figures part. Take a look.

Starting with Wii Fit witnessed a tremendous acceptance ratio in Japan and within the days of its launch this exercise-centric peripheral was all over the place. In Europe Dixons.co.uk said that it sold a Wii Fit every four seconds when it was launched and Amazon.co.uk said that they sold out the whole Wii fit stock within 24 hours. Around 2 million units have been sold in Japan since the December launch and not to forget the whopping businesses in UK and US too.

And now we know that the demand is unprecedented due to which the stock in supply fells short. Consumers are struggling to find a copy of Wii fit. According to the NPD sales tracking group, “Wii Fit” sold more than 369,600 copies in the U.S. in July. I must say undoubtedly the luckiest of the lot (Nintendo wii fit seekers)