Well according to the ongoing GameStop manager’s conference going on in Las Vegas it is said that the Animal Crossing: City Folk and Nintendo Wii Speak bundle will run you a pricey $70 — news which cued one anonymous 1UP editor to exclaim, “$70!? For that price it had better come with a white van for abducting kids you meet in your magical little animal town.”

This bundle certainly seems to be a cheaper alternative to buying the game and microphone separately, with a standalone Wii Speak running you $30. Even so, $70 is an exorbitant price for a game that, by all appearances, hasn’t evolved much since the game we originally knew as Animal Forest on the N64.

The Animal Crossing takes you to an imaginary world, you own a home, you work hard to get ahead, and you play even harder to enjoy the irresistible challenges of each day and each season. Join the growing population of players who live to play and play to live in a land of fun and surprises.

At $70, the question is the price for engaging in emergent gameplay-like activities making a drastic shift?