Upshot Games has announced an elegant, yet ruggedly built, “RealMotion Pool Cue” companion accessory for their upcoming professional pool game for Nintendo Wii namely American Pool Deluxe.

This is not any mediocre controller peripheral but is a meticulously crafted cue built specifically to take advantage of the Wii’s accelerometer technology for real precision and fun. Not too sure where the players are supposed to re-enact their pool strokes in the living room though.

“It is the dedication to realism that led to the development of the RealMotion Pool Cue for American Pool Deluxe,” said Eric ‘The Preacher’ Yow, World Pool-Billiard Association Masse World Champion. “Tested extensively by real billiards pros like me, you can be assured this is the only real pool game for Wii™.”

American Pool Deluxe will be released on Wii this November for $49.99.