I guess Wii Balance Board has played a very significant role in making Wii Fit the biggest hit of all times. But more than half the Wii Fit users do not know the basic things about this wonderfully designed Wii Balance Board. Here are some of the things which every Wii Fit user must know.

Well for all those who even don’t know what this balance board is all about this one if for them. It’s a wireless board with pressure sensitive sensors which basically measures your body balance and weight when you perform various on screen activities and games on it.

Maximum Weight

The maximum weight limit on Wii Balance Board supports 300 lbs only for “western edition” while it was 330 lbs when it first launched in Japan.

Floor to be used

Generally it is recommended to use Wii Fit on the hard floor in contradiction to the carpet floor.

Slew of Activities

You can perform a slew of activities such as aerobics, yoga poses and balance games on this balance board.

Battery used

The board itself weighs around a hefty 8.8 lbs using four AA batteries (which are included).