After being an owner of prestigious gaming console called Nintendo wii, you have to take a call on wii accessories to add whip to the joy of being a wii-ian. If you are looking forward to enhance your gameplay, There are many options available bundled with Wii like controllers, sensors etc. in this article we are putting you through a series of wii accessories that will definitely help you to upgrade you hearty game console.

1. Gameplay accessories

Market is flooded with wii gameplay accessories like

  • Boxing Gloves for Nintendo Wii
  • Cooking Set for Nintendo Wii
  • Fishing Rod for Nintendo Wii
  • Steering Wheel
  • Hand Gun
  • Nintendo Wii GameCube Konami Dance Pad
  • Wireless guitar controller

And there are lot of gamplay accessories customised according to the game.

  1. Nintendo Wii console covers

Remote Stick-On Decals – Stick-On Decal is Self-adhesive vinyl skin cover that beautifies the front the controller and is custom cut to fit the Nintendo Wii Remote Controller.

Wii Fit Balance Board Cover – Wii Fit Cover protects your balance board by preventing dirt, scratches, dust, dents and sweaty feet from mount up on your Balance Board.

Nintendo wii travel cases and carry bagsWii Fit Carrying Bag protects your harware for storage or during travelling from shocks and scratches.

  1. Nintendo Wii GameCube Controller Extension

It provides additional distance between your controller and Wii/GameCube game console.

  1. Console/wiimote stands

wide variety of Console Stand is there that features multi-function capabilities like holding your console and Wii Remote, recharging 2 AA batteries with inbuilt cooling fan to increase the performnace.

  1. Rechargeable battery packs

there are various batteries present in the market that lets you recharge your Nintendo Wii Remote battery instead of getting new ones all the time.

You can always be in your comfort zone and make the selection according for chunk of Nintendo wii accessories available around you.