Vectorman is originally announced by SEGA and now it is finally it is available on VC. Here is a quick review on the game – the game looks terrific with a perfect use of colors and animation, its over-the-top explosions that shake the entire screen.

Vectorman in simple words is all about destruction, as the screen is always flooded with exploding enemies and ordnance. As Vectorman, you’re the one responsible for the majority of the havoc being wreaked — he’s a hero who can blast out laser pulses in any of eight directions, and can have his weapons systems upgraded to even more destructive levels through acquisition of power-up items. You can equip him with spreadguns, heat-seeking blasters and any other variation of classic Contra-style rifles you can think of.

Also Vectorman’s body is made up of floating, unattached green orbs. That’s part of the style of the game, for one thing, but it actually becomes another gameplay element as well — because the V-man’s body can be re-oriented and re-arranged into a variety of different forms, including a helicopter, a racecar and even an environment-disrupting bomb.

It isn’t a long game as it includes only 16 levels with some of those stages as very short. But the side-scrolling stages are all designed in an open-ended, explorable way that allow you to take multiple different paths to reach the end goal, and the non-side-scrolling levels — while often not lasting long — are so varied and different that you probably won’t mind how quickly you pass through them.

Its considerable level of difficulty will certainly not allow clearing the stages before you play it regularly. Also there’s a difficulty adjuster that allows you to reduce the challenge factor down to an easier level but that’s only for the lame category of people.