Enough of game reviews let’s see one of the most useful and sought after Nintendo Wii Accessories. For all those game players who love playing multiplayers this one is surely meant for you. To allow you to compete and challenge the gamers all around the world WiFi MAX for Nintendo Wii and DS Lite connects you to all the online game lovers and players. All you need to do is just plug in your USB WiFi dongle into your internet-enabled PC to create a Wireless Access Point, then play online enabled multiplayer games with DS and Wii gamers from all over the world. This is where WiFi MAX for Nintendo Wii and DS Lite is so very a useful wii accessory creating a wireless network for your convenience.

Truly a perfect ticketing for opening all the gates towards the gaming world full of enthusiasm and fun. What’s more if you do not have a wireless router there is no need to worry about as WiFi MAX supports up to five ‘local’ DS gamers at a time, so you and your mates can all play online at once with no loss of speed! Truly the ultimate device for internet surfing without a WiFi router!

The internet speed becomes five times faster than the normal speed as WiFi MAX operates on the Wireless G standard and if you use our USB cable and dongle stand (supplied), you can position your dongle to maximise WiFi range.

The greater part of having this Wii accessory is also that if you have other WiFi-enabled devices capable of using the internet like laptops you can take them online with WiFi MAX too.

Excellent Features

  • Internet gaming through any internet-enabled PC.
  • No cables necessary – make a wireless connection.
  • Download new content and Virtual Arcade material on your Wii.
  • Five times faster than standard WiFi.
  • Compatible with almost all Wii and NDS internet-enabled games.