Nintendo Wii console explore your gaming world by allowing you to enjoy some excellent titles. One such title which I think is indispensable for every game lover is Super Mario Galaxy. The developer Nintendo has come up with a masterpiece.

Millions of people around the world bought Nintendo Wii Console for the very sake of enjoying Wii Sports which comes along with it. Well but If you are not owning the Super Mario Galaxy then you are surely lacking the experience of playing probably the best Wii console game.

Infact Nintendo has been incredible in designing the game with Galaxy platformer so fun, beautiful and fresh that you literally won’t want to stop playing. Mario the supernatural character travels across the whole galaxy, spinning, jumping and floating his way between small satellites, spaceships and asteroid fields on his way to enormous worlds, all of which can be traversed with full 360-degree freedom, a platformer novelty that never fails to satisfy.

Not to forget the sizzling soundtrack effect with amazing presentation. For your kind information this is the reason why this title won’s overall Game of the Year award.