October 2008

Nintendo must definitely be expecting high Wii Fit sales as the Christmas approaches. After all Wii Fit has been predicted to surpass the biggest hardcore video gaming franchises named Grand Theft Auto this year. This is the prediction from the gaming analyst Michael Pachter.

nintendo wii fit

nintendo wii fit

To everyone’s surprise around 8.7 million units of Wii Fit have been sold worldwide! Wii Fit includes more than forty type of gaming activities and ofcourse not to forget the amazing Balance Board – a wireless peripheral that comes along with the device.

You can maintain a really perfect health with Nintendo Wii Fit.


Great news for Nintendo Wii users! Well we all know that when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released earlier this year, a small percentage of Wii consoles had several problems reading the double-layer disc if there was grime caused by cigarette smoke on the lens of the disc drive. Back then, Nintendo issued the following statement: “Nintendo has specialized cleaning equipment that can resolve this problem. (Please do NOT attempt to clean the lens yourself, as you may damage the system.)” Well, now you can clean it yourself thanks to Nintendo’s first party lens cleaner.”

The Wii Lens Cleaner Set has finally made its way available for ¥800 (US$7.80) and will be out this month.

Source:  kotaku.com

Nintendo has announced the new Wii Speak Channel at their fall media summit for use with Wii microphone.

Nintendo Wii Speak channel will allow for up to four people to voice chat directly without all those messy wires around them. The best part being that the channel can also be used to leave voice mails and exchange image files. A download code will be packed in with the accessory. When using the channel, players see their Mii lip-synching the words that they are saying.

It is expected that Nintendo is working on a pedometer – a device usually portable and electronic, which counts each step a person makes. But this cannot be used with DS Console according to the design of the device.

Nintendo plans to avoid introducing more Wii accessories and this might very well be one of them. The images surfaced on a European trademark registry site with very little supplemental info, but we do know it’s a pedometer of sorts.

After Wii Fit perhaps this may be another in line that can be used as a fitness device along with Wii. Lets wait till then.