Well once again a game review and this time round its de Blob Wii title. Once you hold a package you seem to have felt as If you are camouflaged as you think that you have bought a child’s title. Well it’s a perception problem but as you move deeper and deeper towards the gameplay you realize that there are multiple layers of depth, both in the gameplay and in the presentation.

De Blob is presented beautifully as it is full of brilliant animated shorts and much more that will again compel you to realize that de Blob is a lot more than its cover. Each of de Blob‘s 10 levels is a challenge in itself with multiple sections to complete and obstacles barring your path.

Each of de Blob‘s 10 levels is an expansive affair, with multiple sections to complete and obstacles barring your path. Enemies in the game follow a similar pattern, with simple and straightforward INKT foot soldiers appearing in the early levels before being followed by soldiers with inkthrowers (sort of like flamethrowers but with ink instead of fire), ink turrets, ink tanks, and the elite, colored ink soldiers. The lockon attack is a fascinating concept as you can lock-on to paint bots and level triggers as well as enemy soldiers.

The weakest point is the music as the developers chose to go with a subdued jazz soundtrack that is more or less forgettable. Overall a good game to play and enjoy for sure.

Source: http://www.gamerevolution.com/


We all as game lovers know that Dead Rising was one of the early successes on the Xbox 360. And to our surprise the Japanese developer has decided to produce a Nintendo Wii spin-off using the Resident Evil 4 engine indeed! The result is the augmenting hands-on action experience, as you fight your way through Willamette mall using a Wii Remote and nunchuk.

But hang on the serious flaw at the moment seems that there won’t be as many zombies in the Wii version as in Xbox ( zombies being the crux of the game)

The Resident Evil 4 engine looks like the perfect base for Dead Rising on the Wii. The game is set for release on the Wii in Q4 2008, so expect to see more on Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop in the coming months.

Wii has been well known for its slick and clean image as so far it has been phenomenal in coming up with games related to family fun mixed with less violence. However this time round to the contrarian, SEGA Wii game MadWorld will “spoil the family fun image” of the console, according to Mediawatch-UK, a British organisation that campaigns for decency in television, games and films.

Wii is going to introduce the ultra violent video “MadWorld”, and also Hack and Slash, gamers can hack using a chainsaw, rip out hearts and impale people. MadWorld is developed by the Platinum Games and is in black and white and only red seems to set the contrast with large amounts of blood thrown in. However, with violence entering Wii, things may soon change for better or for worse in the gaming world. This may encourage other game developers to create more violent games and if that pleases a certain group of people, it also displeases a large number of people.

“It seems a shame that the game’s manufacturer have decided to exclusively release this game on the Wii,” said Beyer. “I believe it will spoil the family fun image of the Wii.””

With Nintendo Wii you never know what’s going to come your way for sure. Until now Wii had built up a reputation as ‘family friendly’. Let’s see where it is headed in the future.