Mario games have really been very exciting and for the first time ever, players have got the option of racing with either karts or motorbikes as the Mario Kart game for Nintendo Wii comes into the picture.


All the racing games become a pleasure and more exciting as with the Wii Wheel in your hands, you can steer your vehicle and function speed-boosting tricks with ease. Also you can play against up to three friends on a single Wii console, or go for the Nintendo WFC for the biggest world wide race yet.

The game also provides the option to create a personalized Mii cartoon in addition to the handful of classic Nintendo characters. It has got 32 courses in total (16 classic ones and 16 new ones). Mario Kart Wii supports five different control options: Wii Wheel, Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination, Wii Remote turned on its side, Classic Controller and Nintendo Game Cube controller. So get ready to explore the excellent gaming experience.


Nintendo Wii console explore your gaming world by allowing you to enjoy some excellent titles. One such title which I think is indispensable for every game lover is Super Mario Galaxy. The developer Nintendo has come up with a masterpiece.

Millions of people around the world bought Nintendo Wii Console for the very sake of enjoying Wii Sports which comes along with it. Well but If you are not owning the Super Mario Galaxy then you are surely lacking the experience of playing probably the best Wii console game.

Infact Nintendo has been incredible in designing the game with Galaxy platformer so fun, beautiful and fresh that you literally won’t want to stop playing. Mario the supernatural character travels across the whole galaxy, spinning, jumping and floating his way between small satellites, spaceships and asteroid fields on his way to enormous worlds, all of which can be traversed with full 360-degree freedom, a platformer novelty that never fails to satisfy.

Not to forget the sizzling soundtrack effect with amazing presentation. For your kind information this is the reason why this title won’s overall Game of the Year award.

Vectorman is originally announced by SEGA and now it is finally it is available on VC. Here is a quick review on the game – the game looks terrific with a perfect use of colors and animation, its over-the-top explosions that shake the entire screen.

Vectorman in simple words is all about destruction, as the screen is always flooded with exploding enemies and ordnance. As Vectorman, you’re the one responsible for the majority of the havoc being wreaked — he’s a hero who can blast out laser pulses in any of eight directions, and can have his weapons systems upgraded to even more destructive levels through acquisition of power-up items. You can equip him with spreadguns, heat-seeking blasters and any other variation of classic Contra-style rifles you can think of.

Also Vectorman’s body is made up of floating, unattached green orbs. That’s part of the style of the game, for one thing, but it actually becomes another gameplay element as well — because the V-man’s body can be re-oriented and re-arranged into a variety of different forms, including a helicopter, a racecar and even an environment-disrupting bomb.

It isn’t a long game as it includes only 16 levels with some of those stages as very short. But the side-scrolling stages are all designed in an open-ended, explorable way that allow you to take multiple different paths to reach the end goal, and the non-side-scrolling levels — while often not lasting long — are so varied and different that you probably won’t mind how quickly you pass through them.

Its considerable level of difficulty will certainly not allow clearing the stages before you play it regularly. Also there’s a difficulty adjuster that allows you to reduce the challenge factor down to an easier level but that’s only for the lame category of people.


It’s always fun to play varied games ranging from the sports title to the mission ones with all action and stuff. Well one such beautiful combination is the three latest games for Nintendo Wii. Samba-inspired Maraca Shaking Fiesta; Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked and last but not the least the hottest Star Wars.

Starting with Samba-inspired Maraca Shaking Fiesta the game will compel you to shake with the beat of more than 40 songs. You need to shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk a bit more to compete your rocking friends. Special Modes expand gameplay with Quick Play, Classic, Battle, Survival, Hustle and Mini-games.

Moving on Lost in Blue is a must play game exploring an all together new world for you. Mysterious Island filled with lush forests, a sunken ship, ancient ruins, and an active volcano makes you feel thrilled and excited about the game. While as said earlier last but not the least is the exceptional Wii title to watch out indeed!

Your destiny depends at your own hands as the Dark Lord of the Sith himself trains you to use a lightsaber and unleash the power of the Force. Force push, grip, repulse and lightning – throughout the course of the game, and combine them for ultra-destructive, never-before-seen combos.

Surprising stuff as Animal Crossing City Folk will now be launching with a new name when it hits Aussie stores later this year. The Australian Classification board has rated the game with a G- but it’s not called City Folk. Rather, it is named “Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City” which sounds a bit disconnected, isn’t it?

The game’s rating says “Gaming experience may change online” but no other details can be decoded from the rating. With the game rated now, does this mean Australia will be getting it in 2008? It’s likely, but since Nintendo Australia hasn’t dated anything past September, it’s anyone’s guess.


Well according to the ongoing GameStop manager’s conference going on in Las Vegas it is said that the Animal Crossing: City Folk and Nintendo Wii Speak bundle will run you a pricey $70 — news which cued one anonymous 1UP editor to exclaim, “$70!? For that price it had better come with a white van for abducting kids you meet in your magical little animal town.”

This bundle certainly seems to be a cheaper alternative to buying the game and microphone separately, with a standalone Wii Speak running you $30. Even so, $70 is an exorbitant price for a game that, by all appearances, hasn’t evolved much since the game we originally knew as Animal Forest on the N64.

The Animal Crossing takes you to an imaginary world, you own a home, you work hard to get ahead, and you play even harder to enjoy the irresistible challenges of each day and each season. Join the growing population of players who live to play and play to live in a land of fun and surprises.

At $70, the question is the price for engaging in emergent gameplay-like activities making a drastic shift?

2008 certainly promises to be an excellent year for the Nintendo Wii. First came the gargantuan success of Wii Fit and now with amazing games that not only integrate the Wii’s unique controls, but also squash some of the bugs found in the controls of earlier games. We all know the magic of Ghostbusters to Star Wars to Tomb Raider.

Well the magic will still continue to thrive as Great Wii Games will be Coming Soon in 2008. Take a look at some of the games.

Don King Presents Prize Fighter

Don King’s Prize Fighter certainly seems to be one of the best titles in the boxing arena. Promising to deliver realism both in the ring and out of the ring, Prize Fighter allows you to build a career by overcoming adversity, training and promoting your fighter as well as delivering action in the ring.

Estimated Release Date: 9/8/2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Surely the most anticipated game of the year, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed puts us in the role of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. Not only will the Force Unleashed allow us to use the powers of the Force in ways never before seen, it will also give us the ability to choose our own destiny with multiple endings based on the decisions we make during the game.

Estimated Release Date: 9/16/2008

Sim City Creator

Sim City set a new standard for simulation games when it was released in 1989, and we all are very well conversant that the game has improved with each new release. Sim City Creator will not only let you design your own city and fly through the city in your own helicopter, but you will also be able to lay waste to the city with disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes — even giant monsters!

Estimated Release Date: 9/22/2008

LEGO Batman

Addicting for both kids and adults, LEGO Batman will bring the whole family together in order to fight crime on the streets of Gotham. In LEGO Batman, some of the greatest criminal minds in Gotham history have escaped from Arkham Asylum, and it is up to you to stop them. Build fun new devices in your quest to round up criminals like the Penguin and Joker.

Estimated Release Date: 9/23/2008

Pitfall: The Big Adventure

You loved him in the 80’s, and now he is being brought into this century. Pitfall Harry lands on the Wii in Pitfall: The Big Adventure. You’ll be dodging those crocodiles and swinging on vines in a race through the Peruvian jungle in a quest to discover lost treasures. With the Wii’s unique controls, Pitfall may very well end up being one of the funniest games of the year.

Estimated Release Date: 9/23/2008


What do you get when you take a classic sci-fi comedy from 1984 about three eccentric scientists who decide to open up their own ghost-catching business and put it on the Nintendo Wii? More ghosts than you can shake a Wiimote at. With an all new story written by the original creators, Ghostbusters will put you into the game with the original Ghostbusters team. Who you gonna call?

Estimated Release Date: 10/21/2008

My Sims Kingdom

What do you get when you take one of the most popular life simulations ever, send it back in time to the days of knights and wizards and give it an epic story? You get My Sims Kingdom. This new Sims adventure will give you all of the customization you expect in a Sims game as you help to revitalize King Roland’s kingdom.

Estimated Release Date: 10/27/2008

While Guitar Hero; World Tour; Sonic Unleashed; Call of Duty: World at War; Tomb Raider Underworld; and Rock Band II are the other titles which will soon be making their way in 2008.

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