Wii has given life in gaming, seems like gaming has become real now. So here is one more amazing gadget for your wii to pamper you up. This Light Up Sword designed to give you the real effect like a light sword which generally we have seen in Star Wars films.


This Light Up Sword simply slip your Wii remote in to the handle and press the on button to instantly power up your light sword. The power up and down effect is done gradually until the light sword is at its full length. This gadget uses 22x ultra bright LEDs and 3xAA batteries (not supplied).

So let the force arrive and become like star warriors.


Nintendo has announced the new Wii Speak Channel at their fall media summit for use with Wii microphone.

Nintendo Wii Speak channel will allow for up to four people to voice chat directly without all those messy wires around them. The best part being that the channel can also be used to leave voice mails and exchange image files. A download code will be packed in with the accessory. When using the channel, players see their Mii lip-synching the words that they are saying.

It is expected that Nintendo is working on a pedometer – a device usually portable and electronic, which counts each step a person makes. But this cannot be used with DS Console according to the design of the device.

Nintendo plans to avoid introducing more Wii accessories and this might very well be one of them. The images surfaced on a European trademark registry site with very little supplemental info, but we do know it’s a pedometer of sorts.

After Wii Fit perhaps this may be another in line that can be used as a fitness device along with Wii. Lets wait till then.

Well as it is said, “Nothing is Impossible” Wii finally has been hacked – truly not a fallacious statement anymore. So is that mean that you will now be able to load ISOs without having to own the original game? The answer is a big “Yes” as Waninkoko, the latest name from the hacking underground, has developed a “work in progress” v0.1 Wii backup ISO loader for the Wii Homebrew Channel that will run backed-up game ISOs converted with a “special program” (no modchip required).

So now you can run a backup of the game you have after you convert the ISO file via a special program, burning it onto a DVD later. Interesting will be the impact this has on the Nintendo Wii Community.

Ever since Nintendo Wii made its debut it has been selling like hot cakes. This gives us an indication of its amazingly augmenting demand all across the world and unlatching supply. And now with this holiday season it is predicted that Nintendo Wii will be sold out once again, making tough time for parents and friends getting the Wii for their dear ones.

The question here arises is that Is the unprecedented justified or it’s just a gimmick given the criticism it gets which is unnoticed?

Holiday Season getting nearer it would be interesting to watch out for the Wii lovers.

Upshot Games has announced an elegant, yet ruggedly built, “RealMotion Pool Cue” companion accessory for their upcoming professional pool game for Nintendo Wii namely American Pool Deluxe.

This is not any mediocre controller peripheral but is a meticulously crafted cue built specifically to take advantage of the Wii’s accelerometer technology for real precision and fun. Not too sure where the players are supposed to re-enact their pool strokes in the living room though.

“It is the dedication to realism that led to the development of the RealMotion Pool Cue for American Pool Deluxe,” said Eric ‘The Preacher’ Yow, World Pool-Billiard Association Masse World Champion. “Tested extensively by real billiards pros like me, you can be assured this is the only real pool game for Wii™.”

American Pool Deluxe will be released on Wii this November for $49.99.

Platinum Games has chosen Nintendo Wii as the platform for its ultra-violent, black and white blood bath, MadWorld, because “it feels like a game that is at home” on Nintendo’s console.

According to CVG Platinum Games’ Atsushi Inaba said the pick up and play nature of the controversial action game made it a good fit for Wii. “We’re really interested in the Wii platform so we wanted to create a really cool and stylish game for that,” said Inaba.

“As you can see [from our Leipzig presentation] it’s really easy to pick up and play so when we came up with the concept of Mad World the Wii felt like a good console for that. It feels like a game that is at home on Wii.”

MadWorld recently has been in sharp controversy as the game might just alter the so – called family image of Wii. Extreme violence to Nintendo’s otherwise “family friendly” console sounds like a crack, isn’t it?

“Yes, it’s violent. We don’t try to hide that, but as publishers, we see it as a fantasy game – it’s fantasy violence. It’s over the top. It’s cartoony,” Sega marketing man David Corless added

Let’s watch it out for then this much controversial game for Wii.